Jaspreet (Jazz) Garcha

Senior Software Engineer

A Resourceful thinker with a passion for transforming concepts into reality.

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Consistently curious, enhancing my code's cleanliness, identifying memory spikes, and pursuing performance enhancements.

Detail Maestro

Diligently examining logs for anomalies, generating sales reports from the database, or tracking down elusive bugs.

Perpetual learner

Seeking opportunities to enhance myself, whether it's through reading, mastering a new framework, or learning a new language.



Senior Software Engineer

  • Spearheaded the maintenance of a robust Ruby on Rails application handling over a million daily requests.
  • Developmented greenfield projects, collaborating closely with the CTO. Involved in comprehensive planning, architectural design, and successful implementation of applications.
  • Played a pivotal role in managing partner relationships, effectively communicating with external stakeholders to elicit key requirements for product enhancements.
  • Translated stakeholder requirements into actionable features and improvements, bridging the gap between business needs and technical implementation.
  • Diagnosed and addressed memory leaks, demonstrating a proactive approach to maintaining application health.
  • Achieved a 50% improvement in response time, showcasing a commitment to optimizing application performance.


Software Engineer

  • Developed, debugged multiple Ruby on Rails and Rails APIs.
  • Developed, debugged multiple ReactJS (Classes, Hooks) applications with Mobx, Redux, and Apollo/GraphQL.
  • Monitored application performance, fixed memory, and performance issues.
  • Built microservices on AWS Lambda for testing, and reporting
  • Written SQL queries for reporting.
  • Consumed APIs with thousands of records daily.
  • Adopted agile best practices and delivered iterative features and API implementations.


QA to Web Developer

  • Implemented features, resolved bugs in Ruby on Rails web app.
  • Co-Authored Caplinked-API gem.
  • Built an API with the development team on Ruby Grape.
  • Wrote RSpec, Cucumber tests to improve code coverage.
  • Code reviewed & assurance of best practices were used.
  • Worked in small agile team, pushed code bi-week to production
  • Interviewed, hired, and mentored a junior QA analyst.


Places I studied


Dockyard Academy

Elixir Web Developer Course



Meta Back-End Developer Specialization



Meta Database Engineer Specialization

General Assembly

Back-End Web Development

General Assembly

Front-End Web Development

University of California, Northridge

Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing